Qualified Legal Attorney
Years of Experience

Professional And Experienced Attorney

Attorney Sanat Ranganathan

Sanat has worked with a varied clientele, from large, international companies to smaller ones, start-ups,
non-profits and government entities. He specializes in working with a variety of areas and takes pride in
being a “Jack-of-many-trades.” Sanat makes sure that he makes a positive, lasting impact on all his

  •  Law Firm, Government and In-House Legal Expertise.
  • Ability to understand business requirements in tandem with the law, while building
  • Leading and closing high-dollar value commercial vendor/procurement and sales agreements
    while providing sound legal advice, to reduce litigation risks.
  •  Implementing compliance programs to operate within the framework of the law.
  •  Ability to draft clearly and concisely and eliminating “legalese.” 
  • LL.M., Duke University School of Law, Durham, NC
  • LL.M., European Union Law, Leiden University Europa Institute, the Netherlands
  • LL.B. (Honors), Warwick University School of Law, England, United Kingdom
    Bar Memberships
  • Admitted to the Illinois Bar, Missouri Bar (inactive) and New York Bar
  • Member of the Asian American Bar Association of Chicago (AABA), National Asian
    Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) and DuPage County Bar Association
Interests, family and hobbies

Sanat has a passion for the law but he also has many other hobbies and interests that he is
passionate about. He is aware that “all work and no play” makes one a dull person. He therefore
has varied interests outside the law. Although he is a highly intellectual person, Sanat is also
very warm and humble. He is a loving husband who enjoys spending time with his lovely wife
Natalie and curling up with their cat and dog, K.C. and Mavis. He and Natalie have many shared

interests including hiking and travelling, watching soccer games, dancing, visiting theme parks
and art. He enjoys spending time in these hobbies with his wife; they will often be found together
at the various attractions in Chicago, which they will frequently then round off with an extended
evening in the city. Sanat and his wife also have something in common they are both incredibly
passionate about: animal advocacy, signing petitions, raising awareness and donating to various
animal rights causes.