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As the Principal Attorney at the Law Offices of Sanat Ranganathan, Sanat is thoughtful about the impact he leaves on his community. He has many interests and hobbies that he spends time on in the area and cares deeply about the issues affecting his neighbors as well.

First living in Asia, Sanat also spent time travelling around Europe before coming to the United States. He also attended two very prestigious universities there: Warwick University School of Law in the United Kingdom, one of the leading law schools in the world and Leiden University Europa Institute in the Netherlands, one of the oldest academic institutes of the European Union specializing in the law. After coming to the United States, he attended Duke University School of Law. He then obtained his bar memberships in three states: Illinois, New York and Missouri (inactive). 

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Practice Areas

Corporate and Commercial law
Contracts drafting, negotiations and Dispute Resolution
I.T., Software & Technology, SaaS, E-commerce;
Regulatory Compliance,
Intellectual Property licensing
Higher Education
Federal law

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